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    (Currently in progress for BC Swift/iOS Independent Study)

    Version 1.0

    On the App Store

    Firebase Auth
    Firebase Database
    JSQMessages Controller
    Cloud Functions
    Push Notifications
    Escaping Functions
    Realtime Listeners
    User Defaults
    Custom Animations

    Version 2.0

    Coming soon

    Cloud Firestore
    Firebase Messaging
    Codable Object Protocol
    Shared instances of classes
    Reusable Nibs
    Custom UI View Classes
    Hex to RBG Conversion
    Dynamic UICollectionView Cells
    Passing data back through Closures

    Version 2.1

    In development

    Date Conversion & Timestamps
    Google Places & Location
    Custom Codable Object Attributes
    Using a Denormalized Data Structure
    Firebase Analytics
    Using Multiple Storyboards
    User Support Dashboard
    Preparing data for ML
    Data Visualization

    Email us at chenavx@bc.edu